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HPE 1820-24G Link aggregation

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HPE 1820-24G Link aggregation


can I use HPE 1820-24G for four-port Link aggregation?

Thank you. John

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Re: HPE 1820-24G Link aggregation

Directly from QuickSpecs:

Link aggregation
Brings together groups of ports automatically using Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) or, manually, to form an ultra-high-bandwidth connection to the network backbone; helps prevent traffic bottlenecks; the 8 port models support 4 trunks, the 24-port models support 8 trunks and the 48-port models support 16 trunks. The 8-and 24-port switches can
support up to 4 ports per trunk, the 48-port switches can support up to 8 ports per trunk
So your HPE OfficeConnect 1820-24G Switch supports up to 8 trunks (aggregation groups), each trunks supports up to 4 interfaces...clearly you can't create 8 trunks each one of 4 interfaces concurrently since 8 trunks x 4 interfaces = a grandtotal of 32 interfaces and your Switch has just 24 not 32...so those limits are to be taken as "those-values-not-all-concurrent" IMHO.