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HPE 1820-48G Out-of-the-box

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HPE 1820-48G Out-of-the-box

Hi everyone!

I am new to the world of managed switches and I have never used one.

I have three dying d-link unmanaged switches. I want to upgrade our network. I'm going to buy HPE OfficeConnect 1920 48G Switch JG927A and HPE OfficeConnect 1420 24G 2SFP Switch JH017A.

As I have already said, I have no experience with managed switches. I'm not going to use all functionality of the managed switch at first. I'm going to do some configurations and management in some time later when I'm ready and when I need to. So, at the start, I want it to function as a usual unmanaged switch. Just as a replacement to the faulty ones.

So, the question is: If I unplug my old unmanaged switches, unbox and plug my new managed switch, will it work just as a usual unmanaged switch without any configurations made by me?

1) Unlpug unmanaged switch

2) Plug managed switch out-of-the-box - no configurations made

3) Working the same?


Thanks fo the replies.

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Re: HPE 1820-48G Out-of-the-box

Simplifying things, yes you can consider a smart managed switch a drop in replacement of an umanaged switch (probably the contrary can't be said, generically speaking): clearly you should pay attention to your actual network topology, I mean...if you have uplinks between your three dying D-Link Switches then you have to set (or just verify) that the same uplinks will still work correctly between your new managed Switches (this probably will require you to - at least - verify uplink port on each involved Switch, eventually setting the port type as Type Trunk...VLANs, if any, since you didn't mentioned them, should not be an issue, at least regarding the replacement procedure you're planning).

Probably will be a good thing to set dedicated Management IP Address on each managed Switch you're planning to add...so you will be able to manage (and do troubleshooting through) them via Web (GUI) and/or SSH (CLI).