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[HPE 1920-48G - JG927A] - Control Fans Speed

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[HPE 1920-48G - JG927A] - Control Fans Speed


 Is there a way to reduce default fans speed of HP Switchs ?

We recently installed 2x 1920-48G (non-poe) but they are very noisly, even in a 17°c environement ...

I've a Telnet access with "_cmdline-mode on" but i can't find any command to display or control default fan speed .... :(

Software Version : 5.20.99 Release 1115

BootRom : 119


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Re: [HPE 1920-48G - JG927A] - Control Fans Speed

That's interesting. It's really undoubtfully noisy to be a non PoE/PoE+ 48 Gigabit Ethernet fixed ports Switch.

Never checked if just a display fan CLI command ever exists on those models.

A thing one can note is that the non-PoE+ model HPE OfficeConnect 1920 48G Switch (J927A)'s QuickSpecs reports a just one fixed acoustic pressure level (49,7 dB) instead the PoE+ model HPE OfficeConnect 1920 48G PoE+ Switch (J928A)'s QuickSpecs reports two acoustic pressure levels (Low speed fan: 47 dB, High speed fan: 49,3 dB)...and the general Overiew reports this statement: "...utilizes variable-speed fans..." (read it under Green IT and Power paragraph).

Another interesting thing is that, AFAIK, no HPE OfficeConnect 1920 owns a temperature sensor (and so reported temperature on web UI - even if it is 0°C - is just a cosmetic bug)...so, eventually, if fan speed is really variable (on PoE+ models), it is so automatically and in relationship with something (maybe CPU Load? amount of PoE ports really supplying power to devices? etc.) that isn't directly related to Switch internal or Ambient temperatures.