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HPE 1920-48G-PoE S Series switches

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HPE 1920-48G-PoE S Series switches


The company I work for has a whole saith of HP switches in their various sites up and down the country. My boss has bought into a new monitoring tool that essentailly works on SNMP. One of the things this tool can do is backup the switch configs.

Though this works fine for the more modern switches we have in the estate, not so for the older ones where it would seem the CLI is either locked down or non existant.

We have quite a few HPE 1920 S Series switches and though you can Telnet into them, they are it seems .by default locked down. In order to get a working copy of the config I have to enter a series of commands:

>_cmdline-mode on

> ( then answer yes or no to the question about going into 'developer' mode ) Y

>  ( Input the default password ) Jinhua1920unauthorized

Then I can run the 'backup-' commands.

Or course all this prevents the network software from running an automated backup!

Is there a way to set it to command line mode and leave it there, or at least a way of turning the 'Yes / No' prompt off?

Many thanks in advance.


Re: HPE 1920-48G-PoE S Series switches

Hi SeanHaynes,


HPE 1920S switch is a simple webmanagement switch and CLI access to using hidden comand '_cmdline-mode on' is for engineering/developer access


Thank You!
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Re: HPE 1920-48G-PoE S Series switches

Yep I know that thanks - what I was asking if there was a way to trun on and leave turned on by default the developer mode as at least then I could automate the config backups.