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HPE 1920 IP address security for web management

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HPE 1920 IP address security for web management

I'm newbie with HP switches, so there may be some simple solution :-)

network topology: 


I can ping from laptop all three HPE IP adresses (,, and tracert both (vlan11 and vlan99) through vlan1 gw and open HPE web management ( 

I can't open web management from vlan11 and vlan99, respective and

My questions:

1) why i can't get web management through vlan11 and vlan99 from my laptop (vlan1)?

2) Is there some HPE 1920 built-in mechanism in HPE 1920 with who is possible allow/deny access to web management? without vlan/firewall mechanisms. for example deny web management from vlan1 on ip and allow from vlan11 and vlan99.

3) what mean asterisk in vlan interface menu by side vlan1 



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Re: HPE 1920 IP address security for web management

1)  If your PC has the router as gateway, instead of the switch, packets have to traverse the router. And thus router should allow this.  The switch will sent packets back to you directly, this might confuse the router.  (only seeing packets one way)
Easiest solution: set switch IP as your default gateway
2) On the left ofweb gui, go to button  Security, authorized IP,  to assign access list to http access
3) the asterisk is pointing to interface, where you're connected to with your browser