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HPE 1920S 8G PoE - VLANs port membership

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HPE 1920S 8G PoE - VLANs port membership


I need to ask you for help again. If I knew that I will have so many problems...

At the begining I want to connect 2 access points to this switch (2 SSIDs -> 2 VLANs).

I want first SSID conected with default VLAN1 and second SSID conected to VLAN2.

I have configured ports 7 as VLAN2. Acces points will be connected with PoE to Port1 and Port2.

How I can set 2 VLANs on one port? I can change membership, but I can put ther only one VLAN ID. I tried to figure it out without success. I can't find any good manual or tutorial.



Maybe I didn't explain clear what I want to get.

Ports 7 and 8 will be as uplinks for two separate networks. I want to set VLAN1 between Ports 8 and 1 and VLAN2 between ports 7 and 2. On ports 1 and 2 will be two access points with two SSIDs. SSID1 connected to VLAN1 and SSID2 connected to VLAN2. I need to create a membership on port 1 and 2 for both VLANs.

Is it possible?

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Re: HPE 1920S 8G PoE - VLANs port membership

You need to add both VLANs as tagged onto ports 1 & 2, and then make sure the AP also has both VLANs tagged on its uplink and then each SSID is joined to the correct VLAN.