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HPE 1920S JL381A Firmware

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HPE 1920S JL381A Firmware

Hello Comunity!


A few days ago I bought a used HPE 1920S/JL381a with 24 port. At the moment FW PD.01.05 is installed. Tried to reseach what FW is actual. I only can see FW PD0.2.xxx. May I update to the latest FW? And may I update directly to the newest FW without any steps in between?


I hope someone can help me here.


Kind regards



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Re: HPE 1920S JL381A Firmware

Hi! specifically about the HPE OfficeConnect 1920S Switch series starts here; select "1920S" as Switch series and then pick up a software release (actually that portal provide a direct link to PD.02.09 but it's not updated, see below).

Another way is to go directly to HPE MyNetworking Portal (that is my preferred way since I always know the Switch product name or its SKU) and, once there, filter by searching the right SKU for your Switch (it is the JL381A)...for the entire HPE OfficeConnect 1920S Switch series...the real latest firmware is the PD.02.10 software version (and not the PD.02.09 as reported on the other side cited above <- links are not updated as often as they should).

The upgrade from PD.01 software branch (old) to PD.02 software branch (new/current) should be performed normally following Release Notes best practices (IIRC there are no specific restrictions or requirements).

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Re: HPE 1920S JL381A Firmware

Hello parnassus!

Thank you for your information. I updatet one of the 2 images and its working fine so far. Not really tested, but for the moment enough for my enviroment.

I have seen that there is another newer FW PD02.10 and I guess that is also correct for my switch.