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HPE 1950 DHCP Relay

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HPE 1950 DHCP Relay


I've just unboxed several HPE 1950 switches and I am struggling to get the DHCP Relay working for my Voice VLAN as I anticipated that it should work:

Our configuration:
* We have one set of hardware (Router w/ DHCP, Switches) for Data
* We have one set of hardware (Router w/DHCP, Switches) for Voice

I am attempting to use VLANs to segment the network and flatten the hardware as we transition to a new phone system.  The result will be, briefly, 3 separate devices that can hand out DHCP addresses.  The phone router, the data router, and the DC (which will eventually control all scopes).  I really just want to ensure that one VLAN goes to one DHCP Server address (data router) and the other VLAN goes to a different DHCP Server address (phone router).

What I have done so far:

* On on Windows 2012 R2 DC created new DHCP Scope of (this server is at
* On Switch created VLAN 200 for use with VOIP Phones with Interface IP
* On Switch added OUI for test phone in VOICE VLAN.
* On Switch added port that my test phone is in (1/0/47) to the VOICE VLAN tagged 200 and Automatic as type.
* Powered on phone and verified that 1/0/27 was automatically added to the VLAN 200 - powered off.
* On Switch > Network > DHCP > VLAN 200 > DHCP Relay Agent > IP (DC with DHCP running)

Now - based on my understanding of this configuration (which could be flawed) when I power on my phone it should automatically be tagged for VLAN 200.  VLAN 200 has a DHCP Relay Agent configured and should forward that DHCP request to the specified server (  That request should see the giaddr value from the VLAN Interface ( and get a response from the scope for the phone.

Instead - the Router running DHCP on the same switches immediately picks up the DHCP request and gives its own address.  I was hoping for the ability to have multiple DHCP servers attached to the same physical switches and control which one gets hit based on  the VLAN - but this is not working as expected.