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HPE 1G SFP LC Module SX Compatibility

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HPE 1G SFP LC Module SX Compatibility


Can anyone help me regarding my query about compatibility of HPE 1G SFP LC MODULE SX to any other Switch like ARUBA, D-Link and 3COM Super Stack Switches. Am I going to have any issues if I'm going to use this SFP Module to those said Brands of Switches assuming these switches has 1G SFP Module Port as well. 

Many thanks!

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Re: HPE 1G SFP LC Module SX Compatibility

What SKU (Part Number) has this SFP Transceiver? where are you planning to use it (what Aruba Switch model?)? consider that each vendor (HP-HPE-Aruba is "one" vendor from the Switching standpoint, with some differences about options cross compatibility on DC Switch series versus Campus/Access Switch series) tends to be selective with supported options to use in their devices...so Aruba prefers (requires) Aruba, D-Link prefers (requires) D-Link...and so on.

Probably some old 3Com Switches are able to support some not-so-new HP options (SFP Transceivers)...but you should check on related Datasheets/QuickSpecs/Hardware Manuals to be sure.