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HPE OfficeConnect 12XGT 4SFP+ uplink

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HPE OfficeConnect 12XGT 4SFP+ uplink


I am trying to setup 2 1950 12xgt 4 sfp+ switches in customer environment, 

IRF (stacking) is configured between both switches (Master and Standby) 

how do i provide an uplink from this stack to the network core switch.?

What VLAN configurations, link type and tagged or untagged should I create on the 1950 switch?

And also, is it recommended to create Link Aggregation between the two switches which are in stack?


Re: HPE OfficeConnect 12XGT 4SFP+ uplink

Hi @Chethan242 !

There is no need to create any link aggregation between stack members, they are one single logical switch now and IRF ports already take care of traffic forwarding between IRF members if needed.

In general trunk configuration solely depends on your tasks and on the configuration of the Core switch that will be connected to this IRF stack. Configure uplink as you would do with any other SINGLE switch - elect 2-4 ports (one or two ports on each IRF member for redundancy) and just add them to a Bridge-Aggregation (BAGG). Make Bthe AGG as 'trunk', add tagged VLANs that you need to carry over this trunk, leave PVID as '1'. There is no general configuration about VLANs, each network is unique, but the logic is more or less as I described.

For more information:

HPEOfficeConnect 1950 Switch Series Getting Started Guide - https://support.hpe.com/hpesc/public/docDisplay?docLocale=en_US&docId=c04657807
 Hope this helps!




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Re: HPE OfficeConnect 12XGT 4SFP+ uplink

Yes, since the Switch A and switch B are stacked, they were treated as one logical switch and all the configurations had to be done from master switch itself.

And for Link Aggregation, i could not configure anything from switch B for the same reason.

Will implement your suggestion tomorrow.

Thank you for replying

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Re: HPE OfficeConnect 12XGT 4SFP+ uplink

Hello @Ivan_B ,

what if i dont configure any vlan on the switch? only Native VLAN 1, should I still configure trunk on uplink port.

I tried the things that you suggested, but it doesn't work.

created bagg and added 2 interfaces (1 from each)  and made it trunk.

In vlan 1, the uplink interfaces were listed under tagged. Still not able to reach the gateway or any other machine from the switch.


One more question: Does A switch with out of the box configuration (only Native VLAN) still needs uplink configuration to reach the gateway? 

Gateway IP:

Vlan 1 interface ip:

One single subnet. 

The Other switch that HPE switch is conneccted has only native vlan.