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HPE OfficeConnect Switch 1920S JL384A ARP Proxy

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HPE OfficeConnect Switch 1920S JL384A ARP Proxy

Hello, I am new to HP (networking too) and trying setup 1920S switch so pardon me if I ask what I supposed to know.

We own ancient Siemens PLCs with no option of setting gateway. The network setup consists of Kerio Control and one 1920S. I need to access the PLC from VPN client connected to Kerio Control.

I believe that 1920s is supposed to be able to use ARP proxy. But what I read about 1920s seems to be able to ARP proxy only in betwen subnets set directly on the unit. Is that right or is there a chance to make my configuration work?

I must access IP from IP Thanks much for sending me the right direction.

- Kerio Control VPN Client
- Kerio Control VPN server
- Kerio Control LAN VLAN10
- unit 1920s
      routing->configuration->global routing enabled
      routing for VLAN10 enabled and set IP, ARP proxy enabled
     default fateway set to
PLC (no gateway)