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HPE Switch JG962A#ABA problem

New Member

HPE Switch JG962A#ABA problem


From one moment to another the equipment stopped working.
Turn off the computer to restart it and when I turn on I have the following.

The SYS led at the time of turning on the equipment has a red color, after a few seconds it has a flashing green color and finally it remains green.
Once this process finishes, I want to connect a pc to one of the 24 ethernet ports and they do not activate.

Apparently the team was inhibited.

What can I do in these cases? your help please


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Re: HPE Switch JG962A#ABA problem

Hi @1950_SERIES 

When you say the device is stopped working means what do you mean exactly ? 

Also when you tried to connect PC to one of the port , what was the exact error message you see in the switch ? Has ther interface shows up on switch when you plug in the PC ?

Did you trie to connect to any other port or specific port has the issue. 

I work for HPEAccept or Kudo