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Help Please to choose HP Switches in to my Plant

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Help Please to choose HP Switches in to my Plant

Hello Everybody (Please dont be very strong for my Bad english)

I work on the big plant? in our all deparments in local network over 200 clients, we use HP ProCurve 1800 - 24G Switches.

We upgrade our network and make Fiber on the all area in the plant

This mean than out local network increase about 200 client on the plant territory? this in very fine, BUT

I dont have any experiens to manage fiber and 2+ level switches

Our Fiber well look that like in attachment (I wont 1GB/s in all my Fiber Points)

I choose between HP and Cisco and I think than HP is dont less Powerfull Like Cisco, I Love HP

Because I Dont have Any Experiens to manage Deep local network and Fiber Network i ask You to help me as it possible:

1. All Nodes need 1GB/s

2. I Want isolate all node, this mean that users in Department 1 dont view Users in Department 2, and like this other in ProCurve 1800 - 24G I make this about create virtual LAN Vlan ID, But In this theme i dont have center SWITCH, but I Need  if Users in Department 1 need to use sevrers in main IT department they made it, and if user in department 1 ping users in department 2 they didnt make it, but admin make all this thinks

3. I think than Switches mast use OSPF

4. Can You to recomment Switch models in my sittuation