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Help - V1910 turn to brick

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Help - V1910 turn to brick

Hello, I have V 1910 switch. I  deleted the SW from the flash (there is now no application in the flash beside the Boot loader. I tried to upload a new sw but the switch is un reachable. It doesnt respond to anything and I just get the Boot loader menu. when I tried the get to the apload application from TFTP it doesnt respond. In the BL menue its asking for SW version S5120SI-CMW520-A0019-FT.bin which cant be found.

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Re: Help - V1910 turn to brick

There are different firmwares available here:



You need to find the correct one for your device, download it and put this onto a TFTP server if you have one. Then Your switch should be able to restore it's firmware. What is the exact model number for your 1910?

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Re: Help - V1910 turn to brick


i have the same problem


i can not find the software version 


best stefan