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Help with V1910 Switch Configuration

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Help with V1910 Switch Configuration


We are about to test some infrastructure changes in our datacenter and my datacenter provider asked me to protect the uplink port of our core switch so we don't affect their router in case we cause a loop (or some other configuration error).

Right now our switch is configured  as it came out of the box.  

I see some options that seem helpful but I'm not sure which one should I configure to protect them from me.I

'm not very familiar with switch configurations (newbie here!).

I'm attaching some images of the parameter that i think I should enable

  • Image HP_MSTP_1: 
    Network -> MSTP -> Global -> BPDU Protection 
    Should I enable this globally? 
    • Image HP_MSTP_2: 
      Network -> MSTP -> Port Setup -> Protection 
      I have a list of options here:  Edged Port, Root Protection , Loop Protection

      I'd appreciate if anyone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!





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Re: Help with V1910 Switch Configuration

Most important:  You have spanning tree enabled, so you're protected against loops. This includes the port connected to your provider.

BPDU protection isn't necessary, and should be used wisely.  It's for ports connecting PCs/servers,  connecting the port to another switch having spanning tree enabled.....will block the port!