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How to configure Access List for HP Switch V1910 24G?

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How to configure Access List for HP Switch V1910 24G?

Dear Experts,


- I'm facing the problem when I config ACL on HP Switch V1910 24G, this issue is listed below:


- First, my simple network including 2 VLAN (10 and 20), configured and work like a charm such as (Ping each VLan is OK): 


            +  Vlan10:

            +  Vlan 20:


- I followed the instruction of the HP CLI Guide below to configure for my own ACL: 




- Point to Chapter 23, in the section C. Routed/Layer 3 ACL (RACL) and follow the Extended or Advanced ACL.

- I was created an ACL rule is deny specify IP address from Vlan10 to Vlan20. It work like a charm, it mean these IP cannot communicate.

- The problem is when I deny Network/Mask from Vlan10 to Vlan20, it still can communicate. This is my CLI below:


Step 1: acl number 3001

               rule deny ip source 0 destination 0 logging

Step 2: traffice classsifier VL10_to_VL20

               if-match acl  3001

Step 3: traffic behavior deny_stats

               filter deny

               accounting    (Switch donot understand this CLI)

Step 4: qos policy pcacl

               classifier VL10_to_VL20 behavior deny_stats

               qos apply policy pcacl global inbound


- Something wrong in those command above?


- By the way, I have another question concerning to this ACL is:

              + How to delete/change the ACL after applied to the global ?


I'm looking forward to reply from ALL,


Special Thanks from,





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