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How to set up QoS (port based) for HP ProCurve 1810G - 24 GE


How to set up QoS (port based) for HP ProCurve 1810G - 24 GE

We are trying to set up QoS (port based or protocol based) on a HP ProCurve 1810G - 24 GE,

but so far have found no guides on how to do it. Does anyone have a guide on how to do this?





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Re: How to set up QoS (port based) for HP ProCurve 1810G - 24 GE






Please go to page 7-2 for port based priority


You have to go to VLANs > VLAN Ports >Port Priority


Port Priority

Specify the default 802.1p priority assigned to untagged packets arriving at the port. A value of

0 indicates the lowest priority, commonly used for routine traffic, and 7 indicates the highest

priority, often reserved for application such as voice and video. (0–7, default = 0)


As far as I know the switch should honor 802.1p priority set by end devices by default when it receives tagged traffic.




Emil /HPN