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Hybrid ports Switch1820 48G PoE + (J9984A)

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Hybrid ports Switch1820 48G PoE + (J9984A)

Hello, people, if anyone can help me, I'm grateful.

Next, we have in the installation equipment Switch1820 48G PoE + (370W) J9984A (edge equipment), and I need to know whether the possibility of configuring HYBRID ports so that it can traffic several vlans tagged and one untagged synonymous ?? I know this equipment has web interface only.

I need this option to have the Wifi SSID work:

I have 3 vlans (tagged) that must pass through the port of the switch and will be received by the WIFI in the 3 corresponding SSIDs and an administrative vlan untagged that will be used to administer the Wifi device.

I tested it on another A5120 JG236A device and it worked.


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Re: Hybrid ports Switch1820 48G PoE + (J9984A)

Generally what you are trying to achieve (multiple tagged VLANs and one untagged VLAN defined for/on a specific interface) can be configured setting Port Type of Type "Trunk" instead of Type "Access" for the specified port. Once configured the Port Type of Type "Trunk" you can assign multiple existing tagged VLANs (or simply just one single existing tagged VLAN) on that port other than the untagged VLAN it has (default is VLAN Id 1, the default VLAN).

Port Type set to Type "Hybrid" shouldn't be used.