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Issue accessing switch on MGMT VLAN

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Issue accessing switch on MGMT VLAN

Good Morning,

I'm currently experiencing an issue in trying to configure two HP 1920S switches.  It's a fairly simple set up, we just need to tag vlans 1-120 & 500 between the two switches, so they can be connected to an existing LAN at site to provide more ports etc.

I've configured VLAN 500 as the MGMT VLAN on the switches, assigned IP addresses etc. I can ping / access the switches when I connect my laptop to the configured MGMT port (48 in this instance).  However apart from the ports I intend to use to connect to other switches, all ports are currently untagged in vlan 500.

When I try connecting to the switch on any port other than the conifgured MGMT port, I get no access, I can't even ping the switch's IP.

Is this expected? I would have though as long as my network adapters are set up correctly (they must be as I can connect via the configured MGMT port) that I would at least get a ping response from the switch.

I'm fairly new to HP switches, so apologies in advance if I've missed something glaringly obvious.

Kind Regards,