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I am having difficulty with establishing a fiber connection between two Pro-Curve switchs.  At one end is a 1410-24G and the other end is a 1920-8G.  Each switch has a J4859C transceiver installed. fiber installer verifies the terminations but I cannot get the switches to connect.  The run is only about 450 feet.

Any suggestions?




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Re: J4859C

OK, the J4859C transceiver module (namely HPE X121 1G SFP LC LX Transceiver) is supported on both Switch series (HPE OfficeConnect 1920 and HPE OfficeConnect 1410) so IF both used transceiver modules are HP/HPE genuine you should be OK.

A Note, to be precise: both Switch you are using AREN'T HP ProCurve...they belongs to the HPE OfficeConnect family, they don't belong to ProCurve (now Aruba) family...consider that the 1410 is (or looks) unmanaged (If I were you I would go for another 1920 instead).

If both modules are HP/HPE genuine you should be able to identify them on each Switch's GUI. Is that true?

If that is true then you should be also able to configure the physical port into which you physically installed them respectively on each Switch unit (pay attention to Combo - AKA Dual Personality - ports: if you use the Copper Ethernet you can't use the Transceiver and vice-versa): is that true?

If that is true (configuration is possible or, if you leave all port values to default, it is at least verifiable on port status/port details) you should be OK and the inter-switch link should "lights up" (on both ends). Setting the Port Type of Type Trunk for involved ports then would be better.

Optical link end-to-end (I mean from each Transceiver to each Transcevier, passing through Optical Patch cables and Optical Patch Panels on both ends) should be cabled accordingly (see, just as example, here).