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Link aggregation

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Link aggregation




we need to EXTEND my LAN from my existing office to Branch (which means I will share all the resources available at main office )

Airtel has provided 4 Independent 8Mbps  Links on Copper (with Ethernet out) on both the sides, which we have terminated separately on 4 different ports on our switches on both the ends.


I need these 4x8Mbps links to be aggregated to get a single pipe on both ends at 8Mbps.


Please let me know if this can be acieved on L2 or L3 Hp switches


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Re: Link aggregation



Don't know if you found this out already...


If your Link Aggregator speaks LACP towards the internal netwok, yes, you can create a 4-port trunk between the aggregator and the LAN switch. I'm not aware of any HP device which could act as an aggregator in that situation.


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Re: Link aggregation

I am not sure if the LACP traffic would pass across the link or not, you could try it with a 2910 or 3500 or something along those lines and just set it up for lacp but i have not attempted it across a hosted link.   I did try it across a few cisco wireless access points setup in WDS but they would not pass the lacp traffic correctly.  I would personally talk to your provider and see what they suggest because i have done bonded T1's and such before but only over adtran's that are setup for that kind of configuration.