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Lose Citrix Connectivity Procurve switch Server 2012 domain


Lose Citrix Connectivity Procurve switch Server 2012 domain

Hello.  I have a customer who had a Server 2003 domain and I installed 2 Procurve 1810-24G V2 switches to replace the aging Procurve 100 Mb switches.  They worked well for 4 full weeks.  Then I completely replaced the Server 2003 domain with a Server 2012 domain from scratch (no migration, but took out the old Server 2003 and installed a new Server 2012).  Immediately after that, the entire staff using both Windows XP and 7 Pro PCs complained that the Citrix application would constantly disconnect. The disconnections for the PCs do not all occur at the same time - in other words one person's app disconnects and the rest stay connected.  The Citrix server is owned by another company in another state and is accessed through the internet.  The Citrix app tech support says that nobody else has problems.


During this time, the customer ran a program on a couple of PCs that constantly pinged Google every second.  When this program was running, there were no disconnects from the Citrix app for the person whose PC was running the program.  Other PCs still disconnected from the Citrix app.


I replaced the new Procurve switches with the old Procurve 100 Mb switches and the problem went away for everyone.  I asked Microsoft about this and they claim that since I replaced the Procurve switches, the issue is obviously an HP problem and I should contact HP.  Microsoft did say that they would be willing to work with HP to solve this problem after I contact HP.  


What I need is to be able to get the 1810-24G V2 switches back and operational in the network without the disconnects to the Citrix app.  I don't know where to begin to debug this.  I've heard that HP has excellent tech support with their Procurve switches.  I'm prepared to be impressed.





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