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MIB CPU utilization HP V1910-24G

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MIB CPU utilization HP V1910-24G

Right now i have two new HP V1910-24G and im trying add CPU usage graph to these swithces in cacti.

there are a lot of oids for other HP switches regarding CPU utlization:



i went throuhg the switch with snmpwalk (you can see the result on attached snmpProcurver.txt) but no luck finding even smtf similar to thos oids that are found across the internet..


If someone knows how or where can i find it, i would be very gratefull! tnx




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Richard Brodie_1
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Re: MIB CPU utilization HP V1910-24G

A V1910-24G isn't a Procurve, so off-topic for this forum ;)


More to the point, the private MIBs ( etc) are nothing like a Procurve's. BTW you didn't include those in the text: snmpwalk didn't get the whole tree for some reason.


Anyway, these are essentially rebadged 3Com gear, so you would be best looking at how to get the CPU usage off a 3com. Unfortunately, it's probably chopped off the 3com MIB tree and pasted under enterprises.H3C somewhere.


So, I would suggest you find whatever works on a 3com baseline 2928, and match right to left on a snmpwalk dump from . Failing that you can download the MIBs from the HP site and trawl through them, although that's probably more like hard work.