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NCU teaming (802.3ad), 2 servers 4 port and 1 HP v1910-48G

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Vitaliy Sizhuk
Occasional Visitor

NCU teaming (802.3ad), 2 servers 4 port and 1 HP v1910-48G

good day
I use two DL180 G6 -PN 590638-421
1 Server
Windows Hyper-V server 2008 R2 (iscsi initiator)
raid 10 system file
raid 10 volume data
2 Server Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Enterprise (iscsi target) -PN 590639-421
raid 1 volume-system
raid 10 volume data
each with 2 network cards NC362i setup on two servers identical

a setting in HP v1910-48G
LInk aggregation mode (dynamic mode lacp)
Server 1 (port 1 and 2)
Server 2 (port 3 and 4)
the servers through the NCU set up Network TEAM # 1 model Automatic use (802,3 ad)
NCU utilization Network TEAM # 1 2GB \ s (Tx rx)

when copying a file 2 GB, between the two servers speed 90-116MB \ s
10GB 30 Gb.
Why does not rise to 2 Gb \ s screenshot of the archive

locally when copying from disc to disc more than 240MB \ s



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Antonio Milanese
Trusted Contributor

Re: NCU teaming (802.3ad), 2 servers 4 port and 1 HP v1910-48G

Hi Vitaliy,

802.3ad standard dictate that mis-ordering of frames should not occur and so ensure that ALL frames that are part of any given flow are transmitted on a single link: every flow is distribuited , and than pinned on selected link, according to an hash function based on various L2 L3 or even L4 frames bits:
distribution algo varies from vendor to vendor but a minimum of SA/DA xor algo is guaranteed but may be based on SrcIP/DstIP L4 port ecc (f.e. on IOS >15 you can a WLB too).
Dont think that a LaG ports group will forward EVERY frames in a round robin fashion..yes you can achieve an higher link usage increasing the number of conversations but is not a N+N_link linear increase.
Regarding to iSCSI is a better choice to use a native MPIO solution with a multi portals/target/initiators scenario.

Another thing this one specific to Windows 2008 or above:
a) if you have broadcom hardware UPDATE to latest drivers/firmwares!
b) disable every IP/TCPOE bit (rss,chimney,bla bla) since it's REALLY broken (combined with broadcom old hw/fw/drivers is deadly!)
c) configure the IP/TCP stack to a more conservative behavior (no autotuning, congestion algo,ecc)
d) disable IPv6 from registry if you dont use it


Vitaliy Sizhuk
Occasional Visitor

Re: NCU teaming (802.3ad), 2 servers 4 port and 1 HP v1910-48G

type and teaming 802.3ad in particular. aggregation involves balancing the connections between links, but one connection (and download a file between two servers is one connection) can not be divided. But if some servers will copy the file to one you'll be able to see the recycling

the servers network card on the Intel chipset will use still other options.