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No able to power any PoE devices with 1920S 24G 2SFP PoE+ switch

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No able to power any PoE devices with 1920S 24G 2SFP PoE+ switch

Hello, my first post here!

I have come around a weird bug while provisionning a HPE 1920S PoE+ switch. 

I have two identical 1920S switch brand new out of the box, which I upgraded from the PD.01.05 software version to the latest version PD.02.05. On the first switch I had no issues at at and my Aruba IAP-207 worked perfectly. On the other switch I realized that not a single AP was coming up, but my non-PoE wired devices had a link and connectivity. 

Upon starting the troubleshooting steps, I saw the logs showed the following error message on all switchports: <12> Dec 31 19:19:00 Auberge-SW-2-1 POE[poe_monitor]: hpc_poe_brcm.c(9473) 3325 %% Unable to get the PortStaus for port 24 of unit 1

I then reverted back to the original code version on the switch and saw other PoE related messages and still nothing was working:

3 Jan 1 00:04:52 Error POE Unable to Download Firmware to PoE Unit 1, Card 0
4 Jan 1 00:04:52 Warning POE Code downloaded onto the PoE chip is bad. Need new Code

I then went on and tried another 1920S firmware version (PD.01.08) which seemed to fix the firmware issues, as my APs were finally getting power to them. I noticed also some logs related to PoE.

<14> Dec 31 19:02:22 Auberge-SW-2-1 POE[PoeFirmwareUpgr]: hpc_poe_brcm.c(9170) 154 %% Unit 1: PoE controller firmware upgraded to
<14> Dec 31 19:02:22 Auberge-SW-2-1 POE[PoeFirmwareUpgr]: hpc_poe_brcm.c(10782) 153 %% PoE initialization is done for Unit 1
<11> Jan  1 00:00:53 POE[PoE Req]: hpc_poe_brcm.c(11144) 108 %% hpcBrcmPoeInit:Unit 1 - PoE controller requires Upgrading - Proceeding Firmware Upgrade.
<14> Jan  1 00:00:53 POE[PoE Req]: hpc_poe_brcm.c(11058) 106 %% Opened PoE Card 0 on UART interface file desc:/dev/ttyS1 for unit 1
I took a chance and decided to try again with latest 1920S (02.05) version and the PoE works without any issues now, possibly because I did the intermediate software update step.
What bothers me is that had I not checked with a PoE device before shipping out the Switch to the customer, even in its original software version, we would not have delivered a fully functionnal switch to them.
I wanted to know if this PoE issue had occured before and is a known issue (didn't see anything in the release notes) or just a fluke, so I can document it in our processes
Best Regards,
Charles Guerin