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OC20 Management & Features

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OC20 Management & Features


we recently received information about the new APs for small environments HPE OfficeConnect 20.

The product sheets are looking promising for very small customers with up to 8 APs. But there are a few things, that are missing. I hope someone here can help me clarify them.

Are the APs able to use WPA2-Enterprise / 802.1X Authentication?
Doe the APs have a web management? I can only read about an app to use locally. The problem is, that we rarely are at our customers in person, when a problem in the wifi appears or when a change is needed.


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Re: OC20 Management & Features

Linkk wrote: Are the APs able to use WPA2-Enterprise / 802.1X Authentication?

Good question...latest QuickSpecs (04/09/2017) doesn't go further than saying WPA2 and Advanced Encryption. There is no reference about IEEE 802.1X.

Linkk wrote: Doe the APs have a web management?

Yes, it does.

From latest HPE OfficeConnect OC20 802.11ac Access Points Release Notes (3rd Edition, 18/09/2017):

"Access HPE OfficeConnect Wi-Fi Portal

The HPE OfficeConnect Wi-Fi Portal is available as a web application and also as a mobile app. You will be automatically signed up for HPE OfficeConnect Wi-Fi Portal when associating an email address to a site and if the same email address is not linked to another existing account. You can view the sign-up information by clicking the advanced menu icon in the web application and selecting Administration from the drop-down list.

The Administration page will display the sign-up information used for this account.

The HPE OfficeConnect Wi-Fi Portal app is supported both on iPhones and Android devices. You can download the HPE OfficeConnect Wi-Fi Portal app from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store."

indeed a list of supported Web Browsers is available to access the HPE OfficeConnect Wi-Fi Web Portal. As I read it, the HPE OfficeConnect Wi-Fi Portal App (now at version 1.2.0) is not strictly mandatory, just suggested.

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Re: OC20 Management & Features

Thanks for the Release Notes.

I will try to get my hands on two or three OC20 from our distributor and will provide more information then.
But I don't have much faith in 802.1X support, to be honest.