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Office Connect 1920S

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Office Connect 1920S


A client wants to configure an IPsec VPN tunnel between a layer 3 switch and 3Com router which to my understanding is not possible since the switch's layer 3 function is limited for "routing" between VLANS is there any documentation out there to support this?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Office Connect 1920S

The point is not to looking for documentation supporting what your client desire...but to look for feature supported by devices your client is using (or want to use): does the Layer 3 Switch your client own (why your title refers to HPE OfficeConnect 1920S which is not a full-Layer 3 [*] Switch?) support IPsec VPN Tunnel(s) as the 3Com router does?

[*] And yes...a Switch that support IP Routing supports routing between VLANs it manages, this generally is true also for Switches supporting Layer3 in a lite fashion (so also for not full-Layer 3 Switches).