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Officeconnect 1920S JL385A (370w)

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Officeconnect 1920S JL385A (370w)

Good Day

I am currently configuring a 24port 1920S, I have configured the switch with a base config as I want to push the same config to another 1920S switch. Both switches have been updated to the latest firmware prior to me backing up the config files.

I have backed up the following config files:



I have managed to upload the startup config file via HTTP, once my startup config file has been transferred to the switch, I access the Configuration Files Under the Maintence Tab and change the running config to startup config and apply the change, I also click on the Save Config Tab to complete the process, however once I reboot the switch, my new config has not been deployed as per the Forum this change should be immediate.

Please kindly advise as to what the issue might be and if I might be missing a step.

Kind Regards 


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Re: Officeconnect 1920S JL385A (370w)

I am running PD.01.05

Wth this 'older' firmware, after uploading the startup config to the switch, it is required to reboot the switch WITHOUT saving the config.

I hope this help.