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PCM+ and V1900 "Managed" switch

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PCM+ and V1900 "Managed" switch

I'm so stupid!!  I actually thought that something branded as an "HP Managed Switch," would work with PCM+.  I dont care if HP purchased the V1900 from 3com-- all of hp's managed offerings worked with PCM+ before and the V1900 is now an HP product.


Either stop charging an exhorbitant Price for PCM+ or update the firmware on all of your "Managed" offerings to work with PCM+.  At least put a warning label on the box that says the device is not compatible with Procurve Manager!

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Re: PCM+ and V1900 "Managed" switch

I will second that motion...
though I doubt we'll get a vote :(
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Re: PCM+ and V1900 "Managed" switch

Where exactly is the 1900 branded as a Managed Switch, and where does it say it includes support for SNMP Management?


From what I know it's branded as a Web-managed Switch, which is a big difference, and the support & lookup tool agrees:

Product name: HP 1900-8G Switch

Product number: JD865A

Product type: Fixed Port Web Managed Ethernet Switches


I could see how this might be confusing, but... usually you should check the datasheet and documentation properly for a switch before you buy it to make sure it will do everything you want it to. Not to mention that PCM+ isn't really intended for the small business network with a couple of 1900 switches... that's just not what it was made for. Do you really need PCM+ for monitoring in such an environment?


As for the whole 3Com thing, well... there is also IMC which is 3Com's network management product.

Yes, it makes no sense to have two network management softwares, and I would be really surprised if these two were not transformed into a single product in the future. However such things take time and until then, that's the way it is...

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Re: PCM+ and V1900 "Managed" switch

I have the same issue with the V1900 and IMC.  ...And YES, the datasheet for the V1900 does say that it is supported by IMC.  It isn't.  I've been wrestling with HP for months about this issue.  Their stance is that the V1900 only returns 133 items from the MAC-address table.


I'm looking at other management products right now as well as another manufacturer for switches for my network.