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PoE failure on new 1920-24G 370W: Undocumented error code. Video included.

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PoE failure on new 1920-24G 370W: Undocumented error code. Video included.

Hello All,


We just purchased one 1920-24G 370W and three 1920-8G 180W. The eight port switches work fine but the 24 port model seems to have an issue. When we plugged our first PoE device all of the PoE lights started alternate flashing from side to side. I have updated the firmware and reset the device. The error persists and now happens on cold and warm boots with no copper plugged in. Communication on non-PoE works even when the PoE lights flash.


In the PoE options it says "off" for PSE status. All screenshots I can find suggest this should be on. This option does not appear related to the compatibility mode as that is listed separately. The status page never shows any fault or overload: Only enabled or disabled depending on what I try.


I suspect the switch has a problem I need to request an exchange for but due to the lack of documentation it's completely possible I am missing something. I greatly appreciate if anyone recognizes this. I searched but did not see anything at least in this sub forum.


I say the error code is "undocumented" in that this situation is not mentioned in any documentation I can get ahold of. I have to say that between the broken links, random very slow page loads, difficulty finding documents or firmware and difficulty finding support pages I will probably not purchase HP products of any kind again. This is an issue I've had over the years but it's much worse since the split of HP and HPE. It's really a shame since the products themselves are quite nice. Please pardon the rant.