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Port isolation between v1910 switches.

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Port isolation between v1910 switches.

Hello everyone!


I'm setting up a network in a commercial building. The infrastructure is simple: One "Mikrotik Routerboard" as network server, and 8 HP v1910 switches along the floors. We have one cable from server to "main switch" (one v1910) and one cable from the main switch to every single switch on these floors. I need to isolate ports between ALL customers. So the switchs will have one uplink port and (let me guess) 25 usable isolated ports each.


The question is: Can I isolate ports in all these switches, even if they are connected to a main switch, as long my customers can "see" the server but they cannot see each other? If yes, how can I do it?


Thanks anyway!





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Re: Port isolation between v1910 switches.

You need to Create 2 vlans one would be for all the users the other would be for the server.
for more information go to the following link: 
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Re: Port isolation between v1910 switches.

What you need are Private VLANs, and obviously a switch that supports them.


eg, http://packetlife.net/blog/2010/aug/30/basic-private-vlan-configuration/


1910s are not very good for your needs: