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Problem configuring LACP on 1910 switch

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Problem configuring LACP on 1910 switch

We have 6 HP 1910 switches that all connect back to a Meraki MS320 switch, and we've been attempting to configure LACP between the HPs to the Meraki. The Meraki has an embedded packet capture, and we can tell it's sending out LACP packets. However, on every one of the 1910 switches, as soon as the aggregation is configured, the state shows "Not in group", and the Inactive Reason is 3 (meaning "The port is not configured properly"). I did a packet capture, and even with the dynamic mode for LACP configured, the HP switches never send out LACP packets, which I verified using port mirroring and wireshark on my laptop. I do see the Meraki LACP packets at the HP switch.


I've verified that the native vlans are the same and the permitted VLANs are exactly the same on both ends. Both ends are trunks, but I've tried LACP with just access ports, and I have the same problem.


I'd be very grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction.


Thank you.