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Problems when connecting Clients in 1810G24/48 Enviorment

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Problems when connecting Clients in 1810G24/48 Enviorment



we have in our company a network build on 3 1810G24 a 1810G48 and a dlink 1248T switch.


All switches a connected to the 1818G48 with 2 trunked ports.


My problem is that sometimes, when I try to move a client from a dlink to the a hp network port, the client can not communicate.

At first it looks normal, the network interface on the client is activated and windows shows a connected network.


But the client can't get a IP-address from the dhcp-server and if I switch to static ip there is nothing to ping on the net.


If I move back the client to the dlink switch the connection ist established soon with no error and the client gets an ip from dhcp.


But my dlink switch has all ports in use now and I need to connect more clients to the hp switches.


All my servers are connected to the 1810G48, there is no vlan or anything compicated in the setup on the switches, flow control is enabled on all the ports.


There is nothing to see in the logfile of the hp switch. I flashed the switches to the latest firmware because there was I problem in the older ones I read in the release notes.


IP Communication (CR_0000131152) - Some clients connected directly to the switch become unable to communicate
on the network. When this happens, the switch log shows Unable to delete FDB entry messages.


It seems the problem is not solved, only the message is removed.



What happens on the hp switches? Can you provide me furthe assistance?


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