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Problems with new VLAN on HP Switch (JG963A)

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Problems with new VLAN on HP Switch (JG963A)

Hi guys!

I have a JG963A managed switch and I have been encountering difficulties adding a new VLAN to the network.

I have the switch connected to the network, right out of the box and already with a VLAN1 that is the default one. Everything works great.

Now I created a new VLAN 100 on the firewall (for guest wifi access) and it's set up properly on the firewall.

Also on the Antennas side I have set up the correct VLAN 100 so packages can arrive safely to the guest network.

The problem I am having is that the VLAN 100 DHCP server from the firewall is not reaching the antennas at all. Not even with me adding a static IP on that guest network gets me any connection at all.

I went ahead and in the switch on the port that connects the firewall and antennas I created the new VLAN 100 and under "Untagged ports" added the ports connecting the antennas and firewall to see if the configuration would go through.

So far it's still not working and I don't what else I need to do. I need the switch to work with the current network and with the new created VLAN but it's not moving packets as it should to the new VLAN.

Am I missing something?

On  the firewall side (sonicwall) the support team told me everything is set up properly. Also on the HP antennas side VLAN 100 is declared and should work.

What could I be missing on the switch?

If I enable the ports for VLAN tagged ports I start having problems with my default VLAN 1.
Here is a screenshot of the VLAN policy on the switch. 


Thanks in advance,