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Procurve 1800-8G: Need help with vlan setup.

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Procurve 1800-8G: Need help with vlan setup.

I have an Procurve 1800-8G at home I am trying to use instead of the Thomson "smart" router I got from My ISP.

The setup is like this
Internet No VLAN ID, priority 0 
TV VLAN ID 845, priority 4 
Telephony VLAN ID 855 priority 5
I have set up a few ports with Vlan ID 845 and 855, but I do not know how to set NO vlan ID. There does not seam to be a option to remove PVID 1. 
When I am done I want to have it like this
Port 1 - management  Vlan ID 1
Port 2 - "WAN in port"  NO VLAN/untagged
Port 3 - Internet port NO VLAN/untagged > Netgear home router 
Port 5 - Telephony VLAN ID 855
Port 6-8 TV VLAN ID 845


How Do I set no vlan ID?





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Fredrik Lönnman
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Re: Procurve 1800-8G: Need help with vlan setup.



The PVID is essentially the "no vlan id" you're looking for. You'd want the uplink to your ISP (Port 2?) to have vlan 845 and 855 tagged and pvid vlan 1 (untagged). Also your port 3 would have pvid 1 (untagged).


Even if you want "no" vlan id there has to be a tag internally in the switch, but with pvid/untagged the vlan tag gets removed on the egress port.


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