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Properly configuring 1910 for 2 Vlans - Data and Voice

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Properly configuring 1910 for 2 Vlans - Data and Voice

Good day all -

Currently I have no Vlans configured. All traffic is Data - across 4 v1910 switches.


We are installing a VOIP System with a local phone server. Desktop computers will be connected to the phone.

 I have added the OUI to the switches already for the phone brand.


1) How do I go about properly creating the VLANS (maybe just 2 - Voice and Data - but open to recommendations)

  ** I am guessing I should tag all ports to the voice vlan except the switch-switch connections and my servers (8 of them)

2) Setup Voice - vlan 

3) Allow the phones to get DHCP addresses from hopefully my DHCP Windows server - I am ok with creating a new address pool and will likely do static addressing so option 66 works.

4) Connect to the phones http management page (from phone server only is ok)

5) Allow the phone server to send emails to my exchaneg server


I hope I have the details down to make this easy.


Thanks in advance for all the help.