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Proprietary Adobe PDF idiocy

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Proprietary Adobe PDF idiocy


I've just purchased a 1920-16G switch. Intending to have a look at the latest firmware releases, I have found something really unacceptable: the release notes are formatted in a somewhat proprietary variant of the PDF format which seems to force the user to download Adobe's Acrobat Reader.


Adobe's Acrobat Reader is a well known piece of junk that has been the source of no few serious security incidents. PDF is a reasonably standardized format. Please reconsider this stupidity and, please, do format the documents properly, using standard PDF without weird extensions and without forcing notoriously crappy and outright dangerous software down the throat of your users.


Thank you.


PS: Yes, rude. 

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Re: Proprietary Adobe PDF idiocy

This also surprised me, and I blamed recent acrobat reader update for it. 
But after using Foxit reader instead, I noticed source of the problem: HP somehow put 2 documents into a single pdf file.  Foxix handles the file without problems though.