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RMON History Buckets Granted

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RMON History Buckets Granted

I must be missing something...

I have a new V1910 switch.  We need to troubleshoot some bandwidth issues in our offices, and I want to specifically monitor three endpoints.  I don't want to have to set up a destination server for the data because this is short-term.  I just want to be able to view the history through the switch's web interface.  So I Add a History item, choose one of the three ports, tell it I want 720 buckets with an interval of 10 seconds, and it only ever remembers and displays 10 buckets.  On the initial History screen, it shows Buckets Requested 720, Buckets Granted 10.  How do I get the switch to remember and show all 720 buckets?



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Re: RMON History Buckets Granted

I know this is a very old post. But I am looking for the answer to this same question.
I have no experience with network monitoring.