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Rackmount Kit for V1810-8G

Patrick Terlisten
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Rackmount Kit for V1810-8G



I'm searching for a rackmount kit for a V1810-8G. I found that there were rackmount kits for other 8 port switches, like 2915-8G or 2520-8G. There is a HP X410 Universal 4-Post Rack Mounting Kit, but this isn't available in germany.


Any hints?



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Re: Rackmount Kit for V1810-8G

I know this is an old thread, but I happen to know a potentially better answer, which might help people who search this forum in the future.


The rack mount kit for the old 1800 fits the 1810G-8 too, except that the brackets are 2-3 mm below the bottom of the switch.


This kit can be ordered directly from HP spare parts as part no 5183-7210 and contains brackets for TWO V1810G-8 switchers (or similar), plus an additional special bracket so you can mount both switches next to each other in a single 1U slot in your 19" rack.  All needed screws and bolts are included, except the M6 bolt/Cage nut sets for your rack type (square/round/threaded).  No instructions, but mounting should be obvious to anyone with a bit of experience.


This kit cost us about €15 plus VAT including shipping in early 2012.