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Routing Vlans (switch > firewall > internet)

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Routing Vlans (switch > firewall > internet)



I have a HP v1910-24g switch and I´m trying to route the vlans to my firewall to be able for all vlans use the Internet.


Follow my HP switch settings:


- I created vlan 10 and 20 in the switch. (vlan 10 has ip vlan 20 is ip

- Port 1 is a trunk port passing vlan 10 and 20 and is connected to the firewall.

- In the firewall interface has 2 subinterfaces, vlan 10 and vlan 20

- I created a route interface-vlan-10 and another for vlan-20, but after, in the route summary just appear one default route for vlan 10, the default route for vlan 20 does not appear.


(Even leaving just the Default Route for Vlan 10, desktops on Vlan 10 can´t go out to Internet.

What is the setting that I did wrong?





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Re: Routing Vlans (switch > firewall > internet)

Ensure you have your interface that is connected to the firewall correctly configured to match VLAN tagging configured on the firewall subinterfaces.

Remove IP addressing from your switch.

Change your hosts to use the firewall subinterfaces addresses as their default gateway.