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SFP adapter for HP 1920

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SFP adapter for HP 1920


I need help to understand what is the right adapter to choose with the HP 1920 switches (JG924A, JG923A, or JG927A).

I need to use a fiber channel link less than 500m.


I found this:


  • J4858C
  • JD118B


What is the difference?

Are there other adapters I need to consider?


Thank you.



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Re: SFP adapter for HP 1920

The difference:


Limited LTW

Supported in mostly provision switches

and according to the specs in some 1905 and 1910 switches (not all)


1 year warranty

supported in comware switches


Stange though that their individual specs don't mention the 1920-series but the series specs do.


If you have more comware switches i'd go for the JD118B