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SFP+ cable and SFP Ports compatibily

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SFP+ cable and SFP Ports compatibily

We have a HP 1810-24G Switch (J9450A), which has two SFP uplink ports. We are in the process of buying a new SAN for our server room which has SFP+ ports. I was thinking of buying a couple of X 242 Direct Attach Cables (J9283B), to connect the SAN to our HP switch. Not having done anything with SFP+/SFP i am not shure if this configuration would actually work, it's not listed in the support matrix. Dear community, would this actually work?



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Fredrik Lönnman
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Re: SFP+ cable and SFP Ports compatibily

No, it wont work since the DAC is 10G SFP+ and the 1810 has 1G SFP uplinks. If the SFP+ ports on your SAN supports 1G you might be able to use a SFP 1G DAC, otherwise you'll need another switch with 10G SFP+ ports.

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