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SNMP Set a port in a vlan - HP 1905 switch

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SNMP Set a port in a vlan - HP 1905 switch



I need to write a provisioning script to configure a few HP 1905 switches. They are used to connect iLO ports etc, so those small 1905's are perfect for that job.


I've found I can create new VLANs by using the following command: (eg: create Vlan7)


  $ snmpset  -c SNMPCOMMUNITY i 4 


But I can't seem to add a port in a VLAN. I've figured out I need to play with the bytes in (again, for VLAN 7), and found out how the ports are encoded in that value, but it seems the switch just ignores my commands. Eg:


  $ snmpget -c SNMPCOMMUNITY -On
  . = Hex-STRING: 00 00 00 00

  $ snmpset -v2c -c SNMPCOMMUNITY -On x "00010000" 

  . = Hex-STRING: 00 01 00 00

   $ snmpget -c SNMPCOMMUNITY -On 
  . = Hex-STRING: 00 00 00 00


I also tried removing the port from vlan1 first, but that doesn't do anything either...


Anyone done this before?