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STP enough ?

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STP enough ?

I have to build up a redundant VMWARE System.


I have a Core Switch (5400ZL )  and 2 Devices  1910-48Port Gig Switches for the VMWARE Hosts.


I want to interconnect the 1910 Switches with a 2 Port Trunk on every Switch to make a fast connection between the Switches .


I want to connect every of the 1910 Switches with one Gigabit Port to the 5400 Core Switch to get full redundancy if one of the Host-Switches is faulty .


What  is the last Job to avoid loops on this construction ?


Is it correct that  that i have only to activate the STP Protocoll on every Switch to avoid loops ?? ,


or is there a way that i can the manage the trunk between the 1910 Switches to transport only traffic between these Switches







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Re: STP enough ?



u have to be sure that every switch use the same protocol. If u only use 3 Switches take rstp.

In the CLI:

conf t


spanning-tree force-version rstp-operation


and if you want to be ensure that the 5400 is root typ this:

spanning-tree priority 0


thats it!

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Re: STP enough ?

Hello Pourl,


the network is a wide area of nearly 50 Switches , all HP Products with different types from 6600 to 2920

and 3 Core Switches ..


But the only point where I need to connect Switches together and every switch single to one core switch

is the VMWARE System ...


Shuould I use RSTP also in this scenario ?


Could you explain the difference from "classic" STP to this RSTP what you prefer ?



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Re: STP enough ?

RSTP is compatible to STP but is significant faster, there is no need for stp.

If this is the only loop constellation u can use RSTP.

BTW. u should configure each Port with a Server as follow:

spanning-tree <port-range> admin-edge-port


So no Switch will be expected and latency decreases. any spanning tree protocol is disabled for these ports. but never plug a switch to these ports, wheater u are sure that u dont build a loop.