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Setting up HP 1910 VLAN Internet Access Issues

Occasional Contributor

Setting up HP 1910 VLAN Internet Access Issues

Hi All,

Here is what i am trying to do. I am trying to get my VMs access to the Internet. I have the following setups.

ESXi hosts vSwitches are setup correctly since i am able to to talk to different VMs across VLAN but Internet Access does not work.

Home network 192.168.1.x

NetGear Wifi

HP 1910

It has a total of 8 VLANs and i have assigned IP addresses for each VLAN

Example for VLAN 2 on my VMs i am using Default Gateway of

But i am not able to access the Internet from the VMs.

I did setup static routes on the NetGear

I do have a static route on the 1910 Next Hop is Wifi) but it looks like that is on VLAN 1

Do i need to create more static routes for all the other VLANs for them to access the internet? This is driving me nuts i must be missing something simple, I hope.

Thanks in advance


1910 Active Routes.jpgNetGear Routes.jpgVLAN IPs.jpg