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Setting up VLANs

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Setting up VLANs

Having large problems trying to setup some VLANs on my 3COM 2920 switch (HP Procurve V1910).

It connects to the Internet via a Draytek Vigor 2920 (WAN router).

Here is what I'm trying to achieve:

Port 1         -   VLAN1,VLAN3
Port 2/13     -   VLAN1
Port 14       -    VLAN3
Port 15/16   -    VLAN2


Basically the Internet comes in on Port1, and will be distributed to wired network (VLAN1) and wireless network (VLAN3), as I don't want the wireless network to be able to access certain things such as the NAS server. Then ports 15/16 (VLAN2) are between my server and NAS (as it is an iSCSI connection).

How would I go about setting this up?


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Re: Setting up VLANs

Are you using Vlan Interfaces? how do you handles the routing? Ipv4 ACLs could be a first solution unless you have a FW with vlan policies.