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Stacking problems HP 1910

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Stacking problems HP 1910

This week I connected 4x 1910's in my network and tried to build a stack, but this does not work.

I used a virtual IP pool of with a /24 mask. Both on the master as on the members I checkmarked the stack ports (as in the user manual). Even after waiting several hours, saving the config, rebooting the switches, the stack does not build and showing information. On the tab stacking I only see the master. No other switches. I also tried to build a stack with just 2 switches, but also that does not work.


I use de V1910-CMW520-R1512P10 firmware.


Does anyone know a solution or is this a bug in the firmware?


Thanks in advance!



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Re: Stacking problems HP 1910

Same Problem for me. I have Problems stacking 15 V1910 Switches. Firmware is the current 1513P01

Tried, to reboot/reset/set a password/use another switch as a master, nothing helps. Any suggestions?

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Re: Stacking problems HP 1910

Same problem here. I have 3 v1910s (sw:1513P01)that are managed on a 192.168.1.x subnet. I configured one to be the stack master with an IP pool of / set it to build the stack and enabled the proper ports that uplink to the other two switches to be stacking ports. The slave switches also have IP's on 192.168.1.x to allow me to login and set their uplinks to the master as stack enabled.


I too have rebooted, saved configuration, waited 2 weeks for the stack to build but nothing seems to work.


HP please help.

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Re: Stacking problems HP 1910

I don't think it's stackable:





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Re: Stacking problems HP 1910

I have a similar problem.  I have a 48 port switch acting as the master in my IRF.  From there I am able to manage 4 out of the other 5 switches.  I have them all configured according to the manual.  For whatever reason the last switch will not populate.  I have 2 switches connected to a third switch that connects to the master.  One of the lowest 2 works perfectly, the other will not.  This is a live network so switching ports and resetting switches is difficult at best.  I have connected directly to all switches.  I have turned off the stack to the main switch on the second switch and made it a master of the other 2, again one is recognized and the other is not.  Has anyone resolved this?  The only thing I am unsure of is if I have used crossover cables on the recognize switches and not on the unrecognized one.  Again disconnecting the switches to check this would require bringing down part of my live network.

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Re: Stacking problems HP 1910

This is the link to the manual
here it says that the stack can be done
see page 42
I read that right?




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Re: Stacking problems HP 1910

You read it right, but it was written wrong.


The switches don't stack. All they are talking about is assigning a single IP for configuration and management.

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Re: Stacking problems HP 1910

Add the stack IP as a subnet outside of you existing networks.  For example your data networks are and your voice is 172.20.3.x/24

Create a subnet outside these addresses such as (this will give you 6 addresses) and enable stack. The switches create the stack as intenal network.