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Stacking v1910 over LACP, mixing with v1920-series?

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Stacking v1910 over LACP, mixing with v1920-series?

Facing a shortage of available ports, I am considering options for expanding our current V1910-24G-PoE+ switch.

One of the options is to add another V19x0 and utilise the 'stacking' feature. While I know for the 19x0-series the stacking-concept is limited to having a single configuration UI (i.e. not the full IRF experience), I have some questions regarding the specifics of the setup I have in my head by adding maybe a V1920 switch connected via an LACP trunk for which I'm seeking confirmation prior to procurement.

Alternatively, as I just need some simple additional non-PoE Gb-enabled access ports in quite a stable enviroment (i.e.: not a lot of configuration changes), any LACP and VLAN capable switch should suffice and I might be looking into a V1820 and skip whole 'stacking' thing.

1. Can I mix switches from both V1910-series and V1920-series using the 'stacking'-feature, or is compatibility limited to those of the same generation?

2. Is a stacking-enabled port dedicated for configuration-duties or also usable as a trunk port? (i.e. will I 'lose' a port)

3. Can I use an LACP-enabled trunk port for this? I see the stack configuration page of the V1910-switch doesn't show LACP-enabled ports as being aggregated (e.g. as the VLAN configuration page does).

Catchall-question: Any other things that spring to mind reading the above?

Thanks in advance.