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Switch 1950 (JG962A) - Default password for 'xtd-cli-mode'

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Switch 1950 (JG962A) - Default password for 'xtd-cli-mode'

Hello everyone,

After typing the command 'xtd-cli-mode' (For extended CLI), a password is required. We didn't find it in the official documentation.

We need to know please the default password to use on Switches 1950 series (Model JG962A) 

Is it the same as the one used in switches model JG961? foes-bent-pile-atom-ship

Does it depend on the switch firmware version ?

Also, is it recommended to change it ?

Finally, is it safe to use this command ? What is the impact?

Thank you so much for your help.

Kind regards,


Re: Switch 1950 (JG962A) - Default password for 'xtd-cli-mode'


This password was never intended to be used by a wide audience, but it leaked, so now it's not a secret anymore. JG962A should use the same password and the password doesn't depend on the s/w version. You can't change it and you will need to enter it every time you log into CLI. 

How safe is it? Depends how skilled you are in Comware CLI. If you know what you are doing, you probably will be fine. Keep in mind that commands available in unlocked 1950 are not documented, but when you will be looking for command reference and configuration guides the closest match will be 5130-EI.  Unlocking your switch will not reflect on your hardware Warranty, no worries here.

There is one major drawback - if HPE Support will decide that a feature configured through CLI interferes with another feature configured through Web GUI, they may ask you to delete either a part of your config or reset the switch to factory defaults in order to configure it through Web GUI from the scratch. Also, features that exist in CLI , but not in Web GUI are not supported officially. 


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