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Switch HP 1920 jg927a not working

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Switch HP 1920 jg927a not working


I'm new here, and I'm glad for this community for exchange experiences and learn something.

I have a problem with onde switch hp 1920 jg927a.

This equipment is not passing internet signal to the equipment that is connected to it. If I connect a PC or a notebook directly to any port on the switch, there is no signal. Neither does the door LED illuminate. All this happened suddenly because they were running smoothly.

See the images attached, the black cable come from the modem, and the yellow cable come my notebook, but the led's not up and no WAN.

The topology is as follows:

modem >> switch >> lan area, with Ubiquiti access point and three PC's.

I already changed cables, doors and nothing worked.

Can you help me what could be wrong?

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Re: Switch HP 1920 jg927a not working

I understood what is happening the doors from 17 to 24 are all damaged. None are working, but the others from 1 to 16 work perfectly. My uplink was on port 17, then I moved on to 21 and probably and so I had no network signal.

And now, what to do?
Does the warranty cover such problems?


Re: Switch HP 1920 jg927a not working

Please contact HPE support. They will be able to check with regards to the coverage.
Thank you,
I am an HPE employee
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